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Care with love - Jacksin shoes

Shoe Care

Congratulations on your purchase of Jacksin shoes. Thank you for supporting our small family business; we are shoe makers and NOT shoe manufacturers as we believe mass production ruins the quality of shoes.

All Jacksin shoes have been hand crafted with high grade leathers which and will benefit from the following recommendations:

  • Make sure you wear your shoes in the dry conditions as much as possible.
  • In case your shoes become very wet they should be allowed to dry out fully for a few days away from any source of direct heat, such as fires, radiators or hot pipes. If leather is dried too quickly it can burn or become brittle which will greatly accelerate its wear.
  • Dry shoes should be kept on shoe trees to maintain their looks and shape. We advise the use of unfinished aromatic cedar trees as they absorb any residual moisture whilst also imparting a pleasant aroma.
  • Regular cleaning and polishing of your Jacksin shoes will maintain the suppleness of the leathers and enhance their good looks.
  • We recommend that your shoes should be wiped clean before applying a good quality shoe cream or wax polish with a suitable brush. 
  • For suede leathers, make sure you remove any dirt and apply suede brush only when the shoes are dry.